Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Red Pill/Blue Pill

I've been messing with...er..."tweaking" my meds. The more that I do this, the more clarity I acheive. The more clarity I acheive, the more that I realize just what a detriment psychiatric meds can be. What a sham the whole psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries have perpatrated, although (at least on the part of psychiatry) unintentionally, I believe.

I do not believe that I can function without meds entirely. Not within the society that I am foced to operate. But what if instead of developing psychiatric meds, which we give to every person who realizes that the reality of life is becoming increasingly awful, we developed and used therapuetic methods for dealing with that reality AND real outlets for changing that reality? What if the artists and the progressively minded folks weren't medicated to the gills and were given affordable access to therapy that helped them to DEAL with the shitty things that meds lull them into thinking they cannot change and instead allowed them TO change these things?

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